Joining the Friends is Easy! 

By becoming a Member of the Friends group, you are helping to support the New Port Richey Public Library's programming and services.  And that's a good thing!


 As a Member of the Friends, you will:

⇒ Receive our monthly "Did You Know?email newsletter 

  Have new acquaintances and friends!  

 Have volunteer opportunities with the Friends group to help support the New Port Richey Library by fundraising, educating the public at events, and much more!

⇒ Have marketing opportunities as a business partner by sponsoring or donating towards Friends events

⇒  Have the good feeling that comes along with helping others. 





 Annual Membership Options:  

♦  Individual -  $  15.00  

♦  Family -           25.00

♦  Business -     100.00  






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